Dark0 is conceptual artist that has gained recognition in both the traditional and crypto art worlds for his paintings, glitch art and the use of the blockchain technology. His works provide him with a platform to tell stories through the use of shapes and movement, and explore philosophical questions surrounding humanity and the universe by exploring how to create order from chaos. 

Dark0's artistic style is a vivid representation of fragmented abstract and glitch art, a fusion that mirrors his unique interpretation of reality. His inspirations range from everyday occurrences to global events, often focusing on the struggles and triumphs of humanity. Particularly noteworthy are his daily glitch skulls, a series centered on the crypto art space, reflecting the day-to-day developments within the blockchain and art worlds.

He has utilised his artistic skills in the areas of brand marketing and audio visual experiences, contirbuting his expertise to marketing agencies, working as a storyboard artist, designer, and art professional in the art department. His portfolio includes collaborations with renowned brands such as T-mobile, The Coca Cola Company, Philip Morris, Publicis Groupe, Satchi Art and many others. 

 His work has been exhibited throughout the world in galleries and events such as Art Basel Miami, Stratosphere Art exhibition (Beijing), House of Wisdom (Sharjah), Start Art Gallery Hong Kong, Palazzo Merulana (Rome), The Crypt gallery (Los Angeles), Iham (Paris), Times Square (NYC)